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For nearly 60 years, Henderson Security has been at the forefront of security technology. We offer cutting edge business security monitoring services in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Our team of security experts understand your company’s security needs and strive to provide you with the best-in-class business security solutions and service. We protect private facilities, small and large buildings, professional services offices and even government offices.

Let us work with you to build a tailored business security system to protect your business, its employees and your assets. Contact us to request a free, no obligation business security consultation.


Business Security Monitoring by Security Professionals in Ottawa

Henderson Security is proud to offer personalized business security solutions to meet the commercial security needs of businesses. We integrate intrusion detection, motion sensors, access controls and digital video surveillance to keep protect your business.

Customized Business Security Systems in Ottawa

Your security needs are likely different than other businesses. It’s why our security professionals take the time to understand your concerns. We develop a customized security plan for your business, tailored for you and your hours of operation. We install the system and do not leave until you and the necessary employees are comfortable using your new system.

Henderson Security Secures Many Types of Businesses


Protecting your retail store from internal or external threats is important. Henderson Security offers 24/7 commercial security monitoring and video surveillance.

Professional Services

Many healthcare, engineering, consulting and agencies trust Henderson Security to keep their property secure


While the Government buildings we secure are confidential, our cutting edge technology is trusted by many departments in and around our Nation's Capital.


Financial institutions trust Henderson Security to keep their employees, customers and assets safe.


Henderson Security's integrated systems monitor alarms and cameras and keep unwanted visitors out with secured access areas, ensuring students and staff are safe.

Real Estate

We protect real estate offices, design centres, construction sites, and condominiums.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Communities at Risk & Religious Sites

Anything We Install Can Be Replaced for up to 3 Years

We’re confident enough to offer you the ultimate guarantee. If anything happens to your devices within three years, we’ll replace them at no extra charge.


Smart Alarms allow homeowners to remotely monitor their home from anywhere in the world. Most systems include door/window contacts, motion detectors, key fobs for activating and deactivating, a panic alarm and more. The wireless remote easily allows for alarm activation/deactivation for all sensors, as well as offers real-time push notifications to your smartphone.


smart camera or intelligent camera will send you motion notifications over the internet and will capture images and videos. Many cameras can be viewed remotely using our app and you can record videos and take photos in real time. Smart cameras keep an extra set of eyes on what matters most!

Smoke & CO Protection

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are some of the most important devices to have in your home. Their sensors detect, smoke, fire, and CO leaks and alert you if there are dangerous levels.


WiFi-enabled Smart Thermostats are designed to optimize the heating and cooling of your home. Most thermostats learn and adapt to your own personal habits and preferences. Everything can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone, including usage reports that show you when and how you’re consuming energy.

Access Control

Ensure that the only those who have been authorized and authenticated have access to  resources, property and assets. 

Controlling who entered is your first line of defence against threats to you, your staff, your family, your property and assets.

Fire Panel & Sprinkler Monitoring

Facilitate  rapid emergency responses and evacuations.  From fire, smoke detection and heat detection to a manual emergency pull switch, you’ll be sure that an appropriate signal can be sent to the fire panel should it ever be needed.

Telephone Entry & Intercom System

One of the best options for your large properties with common entrances.  Perfect for gated communities, apartment and commercial buildings. Approve access with a push of a telephone button.