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Customized Residential Security

Protect your home with our customized residential security solutions. From alarms and surveillance to access control and remote monitoring, we offer a range of options to meet your specific needs and provide the highest level of protection for your family and property.

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64 Years Protecting Ottawa

Doug Henderson, Founder of Henderson Security

Ottawa's Mr. Security

Doug was born in Ottawa in 1959, the same year Doug’s father founded Universal Alarms – one of the first family-owned electronic security companies in Canada. In 1977, Doug went into the family business full time and 46 years later still loves what he does.

The Henderson Family are pioneers in the Canadian electronic security industry. In 1977, Doug’s Dad, Bob Henderson founded The Canadian Alarm and Security Association, CANASA. His vision was to create a regulatory body for security companies across Canada to include industry ethics, training, certification and to have a single voice for security professionals.

Doug has carried his fathers vision and morals throughout his career and continues to provide the best buying experience for his customers.

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Doug Henderson


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Remote Video Monitoring

The perfect deterrent for theft in large expansive outdoor locations such as construction sites, builder sites, car dealerships, RV dealerships etc. When a video event is triggered a Live operator will engage perpetrator in conversion resulting in an 80% less likely chance of property being stolen or damaged.

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Home Builders

Our Homebuilder partnerships provide many lucrative advantages in a very competitive market, Including offering their home buyers a full suite of advanced security and video products. To showcase these products Henderson will install at No Charge a full Video and Security system in every model home providing the potential homebuyer a visual array of Smart security devices available for purchase and the builder advanced security for their unoccupied model homes.

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Commercial Security

Commercial security covers a wide variety of services available to the building owners including, Burglar alarm, Video monitoring, Access control, Fire and Sprinkler monitoring, Gate protection, Outdoor storage monitoring, Tenant intercom stations Multi unit synchronized monitoring and much more.

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Residential Security and Video

We provide a wide variety of protective services for the residential market that can be purchased individually for a specific application or combined to create a stronger electronic barrier. These include, Smart Technology, burglar alarms, video surveillance, video door bell, smoke detection, flood detection, furnace failure, medical emergency, cellular back up monitoring and much more

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Henderson provides VoIP services for the B2B market, helping companies connect with clients, employees and partners.

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Henderson Security has happily provided the smart security automation system for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery!

To learn more about the features and products included in The Dream of a Lifetime Home, check out our Home-Builder promotion, a free automated home package for community and home developers!


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