Winter Home Security Tips

It’s always a strange thing when we’re providing tips that pertain to a season that will be technically coming to an end in a few days, but with the recent snowfall is still a necessary thing to do (it is Ottawa after all!).

Being safe at home goes beyond just having the right security system to meet your needs. Here are some ways to ensure that your home and family are as safe as they should be:

Keep Your Driveway and Walkways Clear
Clear snow and ice from your walkway to tell any potential burglar that there’s someone in your house. Also, make your driveway is plowed to discourage any burglar who will look for a deserted house – something for which an unplowed driveway will surely indicate.

Check Your Outdoor Security Equipment
Test your outdoor cameras, motion sensors, or security lighting on a daily basis to make sure the low temperature and harsh weather conditions haven’t destroyed or damaged any of your outdoor equipment. Don’t let you notice something’s wrong when it’s too late.

Don’t Leave Your Car Unattended while Warming It Up
Turning your car on and waiting for it to warm up inside your warm home might be tempting, but also very risky. Even if it takes for just 5 minutes, it’ll be long enough for a car thieve to do his work. You never know if someone has noticed your morning routine of leaving your car open for several minutes. Don’t risk, and be patient waiting for your car to heat up. You can keep a hat and a pair of gloves in the glove compartments, and use them during these few cold minutes. (Author: Lansing Michael)”

Hopefully this most recent snowfall will be the final exclamation point to a tumultuous season and we can move forward into a greener spring. If your home isn’t already outfitted with a system to help keep your family safe, make sure to consult with us today!