Why a SMART Home is a Better Home

While on the Marilyn Denis show, HGTV’s Property Brothers exclaimed that installing a Smart Home was a forever necessity due to its efficiency purposes. Smart technology is nothing new; we have pocket-sized brains as phones, we talk to a speaker to play our music and we control the temperature of our home through an app. So why is a Smart Home a forever necessity compared to other smart technologies? We will begin with a definition; a Smart Home is an amalgamation of smart tech to make the user’s life more secure and efficient. It is an automated system where appliances and devices are controlled remotely using a mobile device.

Henderson’s Smart Home technology controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. Most importantly, the system includes home security features such as access control, alarm systems, and video surveillance. In short, Smart Home security guarantees your home is professionally protected. Below will outline three main reasons as to why installing a Smart home is the most reliable option to protect your home. 

Empowerment through Remote Accessibility 

In the past, a homeowner was obligated to sign an expensive, long-term contract for professional monitoring. Now, the power of the Smart Home places the homeowner in control and is given peace of mind through remote accessibility and personal monitoring. 

The system allows the user to control their home through their phone from anywhere in the world, whether it be locking doors, activating the alarm, or watching live footage from indoor and outdoor security cameras. Providing anywhere access controlled through an app means that forgetting to turn off a light, or closing your garage door before a holiday is immediately solved.  

Furthermore, system installation does not require any long term contracts or money spent on monitoring services. However, trained professionals are readily available in the case of an emergency. If an intruder were to break in,an alert will be sent to your phone, a siren will blare, lights will turn on, and the authorities will be alerted. 

Cloud-based Updates for Latest Safety Features

Before cloud technology was adopted into the security service industry, a service provider would send a technician to your home and install hardwire to all doors and windows. Quickly, security systems would become outdated and the technicians would have to return to re-install new hardware. The Smart Home is connected to the internet, meaning it updates automatically. Cloud technology is tamper proof also protecting itself against common vulnerabilities such as cutting cables that leave traditional systems unusable. 

Reduction of Environmental Footprint 

Besides its modern security elements that give you peace of mind and the latest safety features, Smart automation reduces your home’s environmental footprint. The system increases efficiency in many ways, three of them being temperature, lighting, and irrigation. 

According to Natural Resources Canada, 61% of the energy consumed in the average Canadian home is taken by space heating. You can utilize your SMART Home app to cool or heat your home at specific times when family members are present through your web-enabled device. 

In terms of lighting, its features allow you to adjust lighting inside and outside of the home, whether it be turning them off remotely or programming the lights to turn on as you arrive home. 

Smart sprinklers are also a feature of the Smart Home. Your sprinklers can be connected to the wifi and controlled through your phone. The app continuously monitors the weather so you are able to remotely turn off your sprinkler system if there is a chance of rain. Users who have integrated this system into their home see an average of 35% reduction in water consumption.



We want to ensure that your household is safe and efficient to protect everything and everyone you love. If this system seems to fit your lifestyle, Henderson Security would love to help install our NEXGEN Smart Home system. Please contact us at (613) 728-6467 today and we can arrange a consultation!