How Video Surveillance Can Improve Safety

Finding ways to improve the overall safety of an environment and to have the ability to be in constant control of how that environment is monitored is important and made easier through technology. Video camera surveillance offers a way to have your eyes in multiple places at once.

Some of the benefits of today’s modern video surveillance technology include:

“Interactive Monitoring
If you connect your cellphone or tablet to your wireless home surveillance system, you can also monitor the system yourself. You can watch live video feeds from each video camera you have set up in your home. Outside cameras can help detect if there is someone lurking about your property, or show when your kids arrive safely home from school. Inside cameras are great for monitoring caregivers to ensure your loved ones are treated with respect while you are away.

Instant Alerts
One great feature of wireless home security systems is being able to connect to your system and monitoring service online or through your smartphone and tablet. When an alarm is triggered, you will received instant notification right along with emergency personnel. With instant notifications, you don’t have to worry about emergency personnel wasting precious time trying to track you down and notify you about a home invasion or a burst water pipe, because you will already know. After connecting with your monitoring service provider and emergency contacts, you can quickly work to get your home back in order, or continue with your day knowing your home and safety are in good hands.”

Protecting your family and your home environment is a top priority and should handled by security professionals. For the best in home security, video surveillance, monitoring and home automation contact Henderson Security, Ottawa’s security experts.