Upcycling Old Gadgets Into Something Purposeful


They say that one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure (true statement), however what you may consider trash is actually something new that could be beneficial to your home, and you just haven’t realized it yet!

Upcycling which is essentially repurposing items to use for something which they weren’t initially designed for; using a fish tank for something besides being a home for fish after they have passed on, for example. Here are some great upcycling examples of items that you more than likely have around the house that can be used to improve your home’s securitiy:

‘Use Those Unused Ports on Your TV to Charge Your Phone, Set up a Security Camera, and More!

The ports on the back of your TV are often under-appreciated. Most of us plug in an HDMI box or two and call it a day, but the old school ports (and even some newer ones) let you do all sorts of neat things. The service USB port on most flatscreens is one of the most fun, allowing you to power all sorts of USB devices. This means you can plug in backlighting, or charge your smartphone or game controller. Video out ports can output what’s on your television to another monitor or device so you can view from multiple locations or record what you’re watching. A port or two on your television can probably host live video input from a camera you own, which can work as a makeshift security monitor or even a fun display at a party.

Lose an Old Laptop, Gain a Second Monitor

If you’ve got an old laptop that you never use but wouldn’t mind having a second display for your desktop computer (or newer laptop), you’re in luck! This Instructables post will teach you how to take your laptop apart and make the display usable with another computer.’

It’s always great when you can give an old item some new life. Make sure that if you are going to use these methods to set up additional security cameras or monitors consult with Henderson, your Ottawa home security experts first.