The Top 6 Reasons to Change Your Locks

A locked door is your first and most basic defence mechanism to keep your home and loved ones safe from intruders. So when the reliability of your lock is at risk, it is essential for effective home security to install a new lock as soon as possible.

Here are the top 6 reasons to change your home locks:

Break Ins.

After an attempted or successful break in, you must replace your locks (and maybe install an enhanced security system). The intruder has devised a way to get into your home with your current locks and there is no telling that they, or another intruder, may not return. Call your locksmith immediately after a break in so that they can install a more effective security system and a mental sense of peace.

rusty and worn lock
Visible signs of tear hinder the effectiveness of your lock.


Rusted and worn out locks are a serious risk to home security. They are easier to pick and break by intruders, leaving you vulnerable to break ins. You may also find that it is difficult to legitimately enter your home with a key, putting you at risk of being inconveniently locked out of your home. If your lock has severe rust, tarnish or other visible signs of tear, it it best to replace them sooner rather than later.

New Tenants.

Do you have a new roommate or do you rent out your home to other tenants? Upon every move in of a new tenant, it is important to re-key or replace the locks. The past tenant may have made copies of the key, lent it to a friend or lost it all together. You do not want multiple copies of your house key to be in the hands of people who do not currently live in the home.

Do you know where your lost keys end up?

Lost Keys.

Losing your keys is a frustrating and inconvenient thing to happen. However, it can also be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Rather than worry endlessly about who may have picked up your lost key, contact a locksmith to change your locks. If you find that you are losing your keys frequently, perhaps consider a keyless home entry system.

New Home.

Did you just move into a new home? Congratulations! Now change the locks. You do not know how many copies of your home key may be floating around and who may have them. Make the decision to install brand new locks, even if the current locks may still work perfectly.


During divorces, or breakups of any kind, emotions are running very high. This can lead people to act irrationally and responsibility, including entering your home to retrieve ‘their’ belongings. Protect yourself and your home from disgruntled ex-partners by changing the locks after a divorce or bad breakup to avoid unwanted visits.