Tips For Your Kids Safety At Home

For Family Wellness Month, we want to know: are you taking the proper steps to ensure your kids safety at home? Some kids and teens spend hours at home alone before their parents finish work. Even more so, as the end of the school year approaches, many kids and teens will spend their entire summer days home alone. To ensure the safety of your family and your kids, it is time to invest in home security and educate your family on the best practices to stay safe.

How To Ensure Your Kids Safety When Home Alone

1. Install a Home Surveillance System

Home surveillance systems can help give parents a peace of mind while their kids are home alone. From your smartphone or tablet, home surveillance systems like Henderson’s NEXGEN Smart Home Automation not only allow you to remotely see inside your home, but also to control all automated aspects of your home. Video surveillance systems are one of the best deterrents of crime; when a surveillance camera is spotted, perpetrators often rethink their actions. Installing a home surveillance systems is definitely one of the best ways to ensure your kids safety at home.

2.  Calling 911

Have a conversation with your kids and ensure they know the proper steps to take for calling 911 in case of an emergency. Make sure they can recite their home address and phone number.

3. Internet Safety

In this day and age, internet safety is crucial to kids’ safety. Parents must make sure to teach their kids to never give out any personal information, including name, age, home address, phone number, e-mail address or school. Be sure your kids know to never mention online that they are home alone.

4. Stranger Danger

While this tip is age-old, it is still incredibly important that kids are well versed in the idea of “stranger danger;” anybody they do not know could be a potential danger. It is important for kids at home alone to not answer the door and to stay out of sight of the front door or windows if a stranger does come to the door. If home alone, kids should know to never answer the phone if it is a number they do not recognize.

5. Home Alone Course

Home alone courses are usually offered for kids and pre-teens aged 9-12. These courses teach basic safety skills when staying home alone such as kitchen safety, internet safety, basic first aid skills, how to handle emergencies and home fire safety. While you may want to keep your child under your watchful gaze forever, preparing your child for any potential incident will make sure they are ready to take on the world themselves.

The best way to promote a safe environment is to proactively have an open conversation with your family. To help create a home that promotes kids’ safety, and ultimately your family’s safety, contact Henderson Security for your home surveillance needs.

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