Tech Advances in Home Security

Technology is inescapable and the speed at which it improves is truly something to marvel at. The best part about modern technology is the capability to help improve and simplify the lives of people and over time as the tech gets better, it is also able to get more affordable.

Home security technology is no different and as time progresses it’s capabilties only improve. Here are some of the great technological advances to home security:

Home Automation
With a lot of systems running in the house, the idea of providing a system that allows you to run and access other systems present in the house is quite welcome. This is what home automation is all about. Essentially, home automation rides on the back of IoT and provides a circuitry that interconnects virtually every device in the house. Its key functionality is based on communication between these devices, and their abilities to take your commands and send you information when certain actions are triggered.

Wireless Security
Most modern day security systems make use of wireless protocols for communication. In the past, when wires were used as the primary means of communication for home security systems, it was quite easy for burglars to cut off phone lines, depriving people the opportunity to make emergency calls. So in essence, wireless home security eliminates the clumsiness caused by dangling wires around the house. Instead, the wireless intercom system is used and is connected via the Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP). The VoIP has a bandwidth that’s big enough to prevent delays in calls being made.

Remote Monitoring
With the gradual evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), providing home security has become a lot more interesting. This is because more appliances are being connected to one another and can be controlled from remote locations. Home security apps provide an easy way to control locks, turn on/off lights, activate or deactivate alarm systems, and access surveillance cameras. All these are connected via the cloud to a mobile device or the web. However, in using home security apps, you should make sure that they are themselves secure. In providing easier electronic access via an insecure IoT device, do ensure that the smart security devices you’re using do not put your home in more danger. If you’re using home security apps for Android for example, you have to realize that security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices could reduce performance and cause data loss.’

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