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Social Media and Home Security

In today’s digital age, everyone is eager to share the intimate, exciting, and even uncomfortable details of their lives. But with this new transparency, where does personal and home security come into play? Can we have both social media and safety? Telling the online world where you’re going and when you aren’t at home is …

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Avoiding Security Scams

In life it can sometimes be challenging to decipher between what is authentic and what is fraudulent as those who make it their aim to deceive people have gotten very good at what they do. The key is to keep educate yourself in order to remain aware and know when someone is trying to mislead …

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Securing Your Home While Away

Whether you’re ready for it or not the holidays will soon be upon us (it’s December already!). This means that if you haven’t started your holiday shopping that it’s best to do it sooner rather than later as things will only get busier as time goes on. The holidays also represent a time of year …

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