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Child Safety At Home

There are many things we can teach our children and family members at a young age about safety while at home and out of the house.  It is important to not only tell them how to be safe, but to also show them how to be safe, and to practice safety measures with your kids …

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Avoiding Security Scams

In life it can sometimes be challenging to decipher between what is authentic and what is fraudulent as those who make it their aim to deceive people have gotten very good at what they do. The key is to keep educate yourself in order to remain aware and know when someone is trying to mislead …

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Winter Home Security Tips

It’s always a strange thing when we’re providing tips that pertain to a season that will be technically coming to an end in a few days, but with the recent snowfall is still a necessary thing to do (it is Ottawa after all!). Being safe at home goes beyond just having the right security system …

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