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Pros & Cons of ‘Nanny Cams’

There’s nothing more important than being able to provide the safest environment for your family as possible. When used effectively and in the right way, alarms and cameras are a great way to enhance when you are able to see and better protect what you can’t. The idea of a ‘Nanny cam’ is something which …

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How to Celebrate Safely At Home

Canada is celebrating a historic 150th anniversary! While this means that where will be a plethora of different celebrations (with a record breaking number of people expected to be at Parliament Hill), if you plan to do something that is a bit more low-key..like having a party at home for friends and family, it’s important …

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Avoiding Security Scams

In life it can sometimes be challenging to decipher between what is authentic and what is fraudulent as those who make it their aim to deceive people have gotten very good at what they do. The key is to keep educate yourself in order to remain aware and know when someone is trying to mislead …

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