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DIY Home Security

The term DIY (Do It Yourself) can sometimes be perceived as less than because of the lack of a professional touch, however this shouldn’t be the case – especially, if the products and direction for optimized use is sourced from a professional. Security-tech expert David Brinkley stated that when it comes to DIY home security …

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Smarter Home Security

We’ve long been a company that values the benefit of technology to help optimize the safety of our clients. Embracing technology can sometimes be difficult (especially for those in older demographics) but has proven to be effective at keeping homes safer, and will only improve over time. “New research by Parks Associates reveals that 42 …

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The Role of Security Cameras

  As much as we’d like to see everything that is happening at all times (and from all angles) it can be difficult. Varying distractions which can take our attention elsewhere are a factor, but our eyes are meant to look ahead. This means that when it comes to facilitating and maintaining a safe home …

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