DIY Home Security

The term DIY (Do It Yourself) can sometimes be perceived as less than because of the lack of a professional touch, however this shouldn’t be the case – especially, if the products and direction for optimized use is sourced from a professional. Security-tech expert David Brinkley stated that when it comes to DIY home security …

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Child Safety At Home

There are many things we can teach our children and family members at a young age about safety while at home and out of the house.  It is important to not only tell them how to be safe, but to also show them how to be safe, and to practice safety measures with your kids …

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Home Safety Checklist

  Now that autumn is in full swing and temperatures have started to dip it’s important to shift your mindset more toward additional comfort and safety. When it comes to the home, establishing and maintaining a home safety checklist is ideal. The following are some elements that should be a part of your home’s safety …

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