Staying Safe When The Power Is Out

The world has suffered many natural disasters as of late which has victimized many and caused worry and pain for others. As tough as the times may be, there are two wonderful things that are birthed during these moments: a sense of togetherness and awareness.

It’s great when people can come together that don’t know each other to help one another during a time of need. In terms of awareness, these moments also provide an opportunity to learn how to best be prepared in the future if a similar situation were to arise again. Power outage is a common occurrence during these times and knowing what to do (and what not to do) is important.

Candle Usage

While lighting candles when the lights go out seems like a classic solution, this isn’t really your safest option. Kids or pets can easily knock them down, and you should never leave a burning candle unattended when you go from room to room. You even have to be careful of some candle holders, which can become very hot if you leave a candle burning for too long. Instead, stash flashlights in strategic areas around the house, and check them periodically to make sure the batteries still work.

Don’t Leave Things Plugged In

As soon as the power goes out, walk around and unplug bigger power users (like televisions, computers, and appliances), and turn off smaller ones, like lamps or radios. The risk: When the electricity comes back on, you could get a power surge that will fry your electronics—or overload your house’s circuits.

Don’t Open the Fridge/Freezer

If you leave your refrigerator and freezer closed, the cold air will stay in there and prevent spoilage. In fact, an unopened refrigerator can maintain proper temperatures for at least four hours, and a good freezer might keep your food safe for up to two days. If it’s hot when the power goes out, consider wrapping these appliances in blankets for an extra layer of insulation.” (source:

Keeping your family safe and protected at all times is what Henderson Security is all about. Whether through our extensive product and service line, or with information to help educate, a safer and more comfortable life for you and your family is what’s most important.