Staying Alert: Security Habits to Avoid

Knowledge is power; when you know the right way to do something you will save time, be more efficient and direct your energy in a more productive way. However, sometimes when you think you’re doing something the right way and don’t know that you aren’t, you can be leaving yourself vulnerable…especially when it comes to home security.

Here are some home security products and techniques that you may want to thoroughly think about or avoid altogether.

“Alarm systems secured with an easy-to-guess code

Alarm codes like “1234,” “1111,” “2222,” “4567,” or those that incorporate your birth date or social security number or street address are easy for thieves who look up your personal information to guess.Instead of securing your alarm system with a code that’s too simple or too obvious, you should always choose something random, and avoid using codes that are associated with other accounts and services (they could be compromised in the event of a data breach). The idea is to pick something that nobody will be able to easily guess. If a thief can easily disarm your alarm system, it’s not going to do a good job in protecting you.

Self-monitored alarm systems

If you want the best in security for your home, a self-monitored alarm system often isn’t the way to go. Monitoring is key in protecting your home after you’ve had the alarm system installed. There are numerous horror stories about the experiences of homeowners who installed a security system and opted to monitor it themselves instead of having the alarm company’s central station respond to alarms and notify the local police or fire department. For instance, IFSEC Global recounts a typical story of what can happen if a home alarm system is monitored by the user and not by a security company. Unless you will always have your smartphone on, always respond immediately when you get an email, and always have someone who can go check out your home while you’re away, you likely won’t be able to respond quickly enough in the event that somebody does try to break into your home. In some cases, nobody will get hurt and nothing will get stolen, even if someone succeeds in getting into your home. But, if you want an alarm system that provides the best security, it’s often better to choose an alarm system that will be monitored by professionals.”

For the best in home security to provide your family with safety and the ultimate peace of mind, it’s always best to have a professional take care of things. Let Henderson Security, your Ottawa home security professional help you meet your safety needs.