Smarter Home Security

We’ve long been a company that values the benefit of technology to help optimize the safety of our clients. Embracing technology can sometimes be difficult (especially for those in older demographics) but has proven to be effective at keeping homes safer, and will only improve over time.

“New research by Parks Associates reveals that 42 percent of new security installations include a smart home device such as a door lock, light or thermostat. We’ve seen this number grow from 24 percent in 2014 and estimate it to grow beyond 50 percent by 2018,” Dina Abdelrazik, research analyst, Parks Associates, told Security Systems News in an email interview. Parks also found that between 50 and 60 percent of smart safety and security devices are acquired as part of a householder’s security system. According to the firm’s research, roughly one-third of homes with a professionally monitored security system in Q4 2016 had home control or smart home features integrated into the system.” (Paul Ragusa,

At Henderson Security your Ottawa home/business security professional, our goal is to ensure optimal safety through the use of our top of the line products and services, which can be smart device enabled. Learn more about our products and contact us today!