A Smarter Home Decision


Making your home safer and smarter is at the forefront of everything we do; we value the security of all our clients and want to continually spread the word about how those without home security can gain peace of mind for their loved ones with the right security system.

Choosing a smart home system such as NEXGEN goes beyond just being forward thinking and wanting to stay on the cutting edge of technology. “Mass market adoption (of smart home security) depends on clear and compelling value propositions that appeal to the masses when they seek a solution for a personal use case. In addition to finding universal value propositions, the beauty of the smart home is that it can provide solutions to personal and unique use cases. An integral part of the product value for these devices is the user experience through apps and voice control. As consumers increasingly engage with connected home devices and services through apps via alternative devices — smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, streaming media devices, connected cars, wearables and speakers — the user experience accompanying these apps becomes a vital extension of the security device’s or system’s value. Home security and smart home platforms, as well as hero standalone devices, seek to differentiate themselves through a superior UX. The user’s interaction must be as frictionless as possible at all stages — from installation and setup to daily operation.”

Simplicity and ease of use are key elements for users in choosing smart home security technology that is the right fit for their home. We work closely with our clients and prospective ones to develop the best and safest experience that is effective and within a set budget. Let Henderson Security your Ottawa home security expert help you create the perfect #hendersonhome.