Smart Homes vs. Traditional Surveillance

Of course we’re big proponents of smart home technology, and not just because we offer NEXGEN a technological marvel when it comes to providing the best in a safer and more connected home, but also because it’s the future. The digital age is here and being on the side that embraces all of benefits that brings is important. However, what does that mean for the more traditional forms of security and surveillance?

A regular cell phone is good, but a smartphone allows you to do everything a cell phone can do in a more effective way, along with having many other capabilities. The same can be said when you compare smart homes and other security methods. “Human labor is expensive. Having patrol-personnel onsite or security guards monitoring video camera feed is also ineffective. This report found that security guards miss over 75 percent of the activity on their screens, even when well-rested and alert. With a smart home connected to the municipal grid, police and fire departments can be alerted in real time, showing up on time to catch the perpetrator red-handed or the fire before it begins to break out.”

The type of security to meet a particular set of needs is only determined when sufficient research is conducted and a request for more information from an Ottawa home security professional is made. Contact one of our professionals at Henderson for an estimate today!