How Smart Homes are Stacking Up So Far

The idea of a connected home was once only a reality on tv via ‘The Jetsons’ where the family and the home itself were able to work together in order to complete certain tasks. Although smart homes are now a reality (and will only become more of a staple in in the home as time progresses), how has it been for those who adopted the technology early on?

“A recent study by research firm Gartner Inc. finds that only about 10 percent of households currently have connected home solutions. Gartner found that adoption of “newer connected home solutions is still at the early adopter phase. The survey found that home security alarm systems, the more established of connected home solutions, have nearly double the adoption rates (18 percent) of newer connected home solutions such as home monitoring (11 percent), home automation or energy management (9 percent), and health and wellness management (11 percent). Overall adoption rates were five- to six percent greater in the U.S., where they were first marketed. (Paul Ragusa,

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