Smart Homes for Children with ASD

For children with autism, it’s not uncommon to wander.

That’s why, as a parent with an autistic child, ensuring their safety is priority number one. Whether you’re thinking of moving into a different home, upgrading your current one, or looking into a new build, there’s no doubt that the integration of smart home technology can provide a whole new world of benefits, giving you the peace of mind you need to ensure your child’s safety.

Here are 2 major ways Smart Home Technology can benefit families with autistic children:

  • Video Surveillance Monitoring:

Smart home technology offers monitoring capabilities that can be reassuring for any parent; You can now keep an eye on your child from any room at any time, in real-time, with well-placed surveillance cameras that provide you with a live video feed to your smart device.

  1. Motion and Contact Sensors:

Motion sensors can trigger lights to turn on in dimmer or dark areas of your home, improving visibility as your child enters or leaves a room or hallway.

Contact sensors that are placed in doors and windows of your home are great for notifying you when something has been opened that shouldn’t have been.

Our NEXGEN Hub, allows for all of this activity to be viewed in real time from a smart device in the palm of your hand.

At Henderson, we strive to provide unmatched home security for all families in the Ottawa community. If your child has a tendency to wander, we suggest investing in the smart home technology that will give you the reassurance you need.

Contact us today to learn about our Smart Home Automation Hub and how it can benefit your family.