Rest Assured You Are Safe With Henderson’s Smart Home Security Packages

Whether you’ve lived in your home for a decade or you’ve just moved into a new neighbourhood, it’s always a good time to think about your home security system. Whether you’re thinking about installing one for the first time or want to upgrade from your current devices, a smart home security system offers priceless peace of mind.

With three different options to choose from, starting at our “not-so-basic, basic” SMART HOME package, you’re guaranteed to find a system that works with your lifestyle.

Besides variety and peace of mind, here are four more reasons to get connected with a Henderson smart home security package.

Smart Home Security: There’s An App For That

These days, technology is everywhere. No matter what you’re doing, there’s an app to help you do it. Henderson’s is no different. Each package includes a free app, so you see and control what’s happening inside your home from wherever you are. Home security at your fingertips.

Smart Home Security: Home Management Hub

All of Henderson’s smart security packages include UltraSync – a self-contained, wireless security and smart home management hub. All of your systems are controlled through this hub, which you can monitor from anywhere through your smart phone app. And if you have an existing system, we can likely connect everything to the Hub for just $5/month.

Smart Home Security: Traffic Control

When you upgrade to the SYNCED HOME or CONNECTED HOME packages, you’ll receive an UltraSync video doorbell with wifi, so you can monitor who is approaching your home no matter where you are. Yes, that means you’ll know if your teenagers throw a party while you’re away on business, or when Amazon is at your doorstep.

Smart Home Security: Professional Installation

We never sub-contract our work out to install your security system. When you sign-up for a smart home security system from Henderson’s, you’ll receive professional installation and quality service directly from us. If you have any questions at any time throughout the process, we’re happy to help answer them.

At Henderson’s, we understand the importance of a security system AND a security firm you can trust. With our smart home security packages, you’ll have the freedom to leave for a night or a month and never lose sight of what’s happening at home. Give us a call today at (613) 728-6467 to book an appointment and start your journey to peace of mind.