Be Safe: Get Smart!

Upgrade your home security system to our Smart Home Hub and you will be eligible to receive a FREE Video Doorbell System! ($350 value)

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It’s easier than you think!

Did you know that your existing Henderson security system is likely already smart-compatible with the Henderson Nexgen Smart Home Hub?

Smart technology has revolutionized home security. Henderson’s home security systems gives you access to an advanced set of security features that go beyond motion detection and command centre monitoring.

The Henderson Smart Home Hub allows you to connect remotely, add compatible smart devices, and customize your home based on your unique schedule, all through your smart phone!

WiFi Cameras
To see who is in your home

Automated Lights & Appliances
Program to turn on or off

Remote Doors
Access door locks, or garage door

Video Relay Doorbells
Visually show you who is at your front door

Automatically adjust to your schedules



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