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With Henderson Security, you get more than just a home security system or burglar alarm in Ottawa. You get a commitment from a team of responsible and specially trained security experts. Experts who have been in the security industry for almost 60 years. In fact, since 1959, Henderson Security has been a family owned and operated home security company in Ottawa and the Ottawa leader in home and business security.

We know that your family’s safety and security is your number one priority, because that’s our number one priority too. Our team takes the responsibility of protecting the ones you love and what you value the most, very seriously.  We strive to offer you peace of mind whether you are at home, traveling abroad or just out getting groceries.

Home Security Monitoring by Security Professionals

Never compromise your safety with a home security system that isn’t monitored by industry-recognized security professionals.

Security professionals, who keep a watchful eye on the things you care about 24/7. Security professionals who react to potentially dangerous situations if they arise.

Henderson Security never sleeps so you can!

Customized Home Security Systems in Ottawa

Your security needs are likely different than your neighbour’s security needs. It’s why our security professionals take the time to understand your concerns. We develop a customized home security plan, tailored for you. We install the system and do not leave until you are comfortable using your new system.

For almost 60 years, Henderson Security has Helped Secure a lot of Different People!


We're a family owned and operated business, and when you secure your home with Henderson Security, you become part of our family too! Keep an eye on your family, ensure your doors are locked and check in whenever you want.


We provide security peace of mind when you are traveling out of the city, province or country. Our experts can optimize your home security system so your home appears lived in, and with 24/7 monitoring, we've got your back, even when you're lying on yours on a sandy beach!


Whether you work odd hours, or spend more time away from your home, Henderson Security is your trusted professional security company in Ottawa with 24/7 monitoring services!


Henderson Security's integrated medical and personal safety system is ideal for seniors wishing to maintain their independence without burdening loved ones with worry.

Pet Owners

Our home security sensors are specially designed for furry family members too. No more annoying false alarms from normal pet activity.

Existing Systems

If you currently have an alarm system but are not getting the quality of service you were expecting, Henderson Security can take over the monitoring service and provide exceptional customer service!


Learn about Henderson Security’s NEXGEN

NEXGEN lets you check in from anywhere in the world. Arm and disarm your home security system with the push of a button.  Get instant push notifications on your smart phone. Please visit our NEXGEN page here.



Affordable Security Packages


One-time upfront fee $499, Monitoring for $29.99/mo
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No upfront fees and only $32.99 per month
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No upfront fees and only $42.99 per month
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No upfront fees and only $52.99 per month
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Make existing equipment smart tech with our hub for just $5 a month.
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