Security Weak Points in your Home

Your home may have been built with a lot of care and consideration with quality materials making it a sturdy fortress that is completely impenetrable, right? Not quite. Like anything, regardless of it’s composition there are particular weak points that can make it vulnerable.

Here are some of the common weak points of a home and how you can ensure that they are properly protected in order to ward off any unwanted attention.

Front Door

It seems to defy logic, but plenty of burglars go into homes right through the front door. Homes that have recessed doorways and other architectural features that obscure the doorway are the most vulnerable. Large trees and potted plants near the doorway, decorative overhangs, shrub walls and other embellishments can all provide shadows and hiding places for burglars. This can be fixed by: Make an obscure front door much more visible. Add extra lighting to wash away shadows caused by landscaping and architectural details. Paint the front door a bright color. Put visible deterrents on the front door, such as warning stickers. “Beware of dog” and alarm security stickers can turn some burglars off.


The windows of any house are potentially vulnerable to burglars because it’s easy to overlook them as a homeowner. Windows may be unlocked or even open, particularly during warm spring and summer months. In older homes, the windows are vulnerable because they are often weakened and worn from age. This makes it easier for burglars to break into them, even if they are locked. This can be fixed by: Repair and replace old windows whenever possible for security’s sake. And when the window itself can’t be replaced, upgrade the hardware. Get new window locks that are visible from the outside. Visible locks slow burglars down and may even stop them in their tracks. The new locks will add additional security even to older windows.

Basements and Garages

In almost one-third of burglaries, the thieves don’t even have to do any work. They waltz right in through unlocked basement windows and garage doors. This can be fixed by: Always keep doors and windows to your basement and/or garage locked. If you like to enjoy the breeze with open windows, get locking screens. Any doors on the outside leading into your home, even the garage and basement, should have sturdy deadbolts. Doors with weaker locks can be forced or partially disassembled to allow entry into the home.”

Let Henderson Security provide you with additional peace of mind by protecting your entire home (and put some extra attention at the most vulnerable spots as well) and keeping your family safe.