Home Security System Costs – What You Need to Know

After three years, your security equipment subsidy is paid off. So why does your home or business security company continue to charge you the same rate? Did your home security system costs increase even after three years?

With cellphone, home internet or tv services, you can usually lock into a lower price for the first one, two or three years, but after your contracts expire, you should expect to be paying more for the same services. This is also true for security system costs. Most security companies raise prices after your original contract is up.

Henderson Security System Costs

Henderson Security knows there are many home and business security providers in Ottawa offering you similar deals and packages for security monitoring. But Henderson Security is proudly different. Bell, Rogers and other big security players in this industry will offer you discounted prices for the first two or three years before increasing your rates after your contract period ends. Think about that, why should you pay more after three years of being a loyal customer?

What’s more, Colin Perkel, a journalist with The Canadian Press, recently took to Twitter after he found out that his rate would be going up by 16 percent shortly after he signed a contract, in which he believed was locked in for three years. Turns out, most big companies argue that their customers are not actually locking into a fixed price for services, but for a fixed discount on a variable price for services.

In short, always read the fine print and know exactly what you are signing up for!

Trusted for 60 Years in Ottawa

At Henderson Security, we cannot afford to nickel and dime our customers. Put simply, we have been proudly serving Ottawa for almost 60 years because we refuse to use deceptive business practices. And unlike Bell, Rogers, and others, Henderson Security will DROP all our package rates to just $24.99 per month after the first 3 years (upon signing a new 3-year agreement).

Smart, Synced and Connected Security Systems

At Henderson Security, we offer three pre-packaged home security systems, each offering you the latest in home security technology and professionally installed by the Henderson Security team starting at just $32.99 per month, with no upfront fees. By signing a three-year agreement, you are signing up for a fixed price for services and your fees will not go up. After your term ends, we’ll happily lower your rate down to $24.99. That’s $24.99 per month, regardless of the smart, synced or connected home package you have as a thank you!

We value your family’s security and the trust our clients have given us for almost 60 years in Ottawa! That’s why we don’t sub-contract anything out. Our products seamlessly integrate with the Smart Home Management hub. The smartphone app also gives you total visibility with your home or business from anywhere in the world.

For more information on any of our security systems, contact our team today. We would love for you to join the Henderson Security family!