Securing Your Home to the Fullest


Wherever you go and whatever you do, safety is always the most important thing. Especially when it comes to your home, it’s important that it’s as safe a place as possible in order to keep your loved ones effectively protected.

Of course, this can be achieved by having an Ottawa home security expert install a security system to meet all of your specific needs, however there are other things which can be done that can compliment a security system’s efforts and provide an even safer overall environment.

  • Secure sliding glass doors. The locks on sliding glass doors are notoriously flimsy — many doors can be lifted right off their tracks. Numerous how-to videos on the web can show you how to make yours more secure, or you can pay a locksmith to install reinforcements.
  • ID your stuff. Many experts recommend participating in Operation Identification, which involves engraving an ID number on your valuables and putting a decal in your window.
  • Hide valuables. You probably open your front door to many strangers and near-strangers — the pizza-delivery guy, the sketchy home-improvement salesman whose people are “doing work in the neighborhood,” among others. Place articles of ostensible value out of the view of anyone at your front door or anyone looking through your front windows from the street.

For more great security tips and with help developing the safest home possible make sure to contact us!