Safety Hazards In The Home To Be Aware Of

Safety is best optimized when an approach that helps to heighten awareness of everything around you is made. A secure deadbolt lock on the front (and rear) doors paired with a technologically advanced home security system is a great way to help keep unwanted guests out, but that doesn’t mean you are as safe as possible…yet.

Here are some important safety considerations to make for your home:

‘Dishwasher & Stove Burns

Burns may not seem like a common household hazard, but they can be caused by both dishwashers and stoves. These convenient appliances pose risks, especially to small children. Any potential risk can be minimized by:

– Latching the dishwasher
– Using the back burners of stove
– Add stove knob covers


Even candles or an unattended iron could lead to an accidental fire in your home, but there is a lot you can do to prevent a fire from getting out of hand. In order to minimize risk:

– Monitor candles
– Unplug appliances (when not in use)
– Purchase a fire extinguisher


Drowning isn’t only a risk outdoors during summer—it can also present a hazard in the home. Deaths from drowning in a bathtub have increased by 70% in the past decade, so do your part to prevent this from occurring. In order to minimize risk:

– Put Away buckets
– Attend to bathing child’ (Rebecca Edwards,

The best part about being more mindful of the safety of yourself and others is that you don’t have to do it alone. At Henderson Security your Ottawa home and business security professional we can help you create a safer environment. Our safety products/services will work to compliment all of your other safety efforts. Contact us to learn more.