A Safe and Happy Home

Since the home is where you should feel the most comfortable, it only makes sense that it is also the safest place for you and your family. Making it safer is a two step process that first starts with connecting with the right Ottawa home security company that will safety a top priority for you and your family. The next step is staying up to date with all of the important safety information that is available.

In order to facilitate the best environment for your family (especially children) there are a few steps that are important to take:

“Be Prepared for Fire

Kids ages 5 and younger are twice as likely to die in a residential fire than older children or adults because it’s harder for them to escape on their own. It’s critical to have a smoke alarm on every floor including the basement as well as outside and inside every bedroom. Remember to test them monthly. You should also have one multipurpose fire extinguisher for every 600 square feet of living space. When using an extinguisher, remember PASS: Pull the pin. Aim at the base of the fire. Squeeze or press the handle. Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it goes out.

Lock Up Poisonous Products

That means not only cleaners, medications, and caustic cosmetic items like nail-polish remover but also perfume, bath oil, mouthwash, aftershave, and vitamins. More than 1 million kids are poisoned by ingesting common household items every year. Post the Poison Control Center’s toll-free number (800-222-1222) near every phone in your house.

Foil Other Falls

They are the leading cause of unintentional injury for kids ages 14 and under, but your child’s risk of being hurt in a fall — down stairs or off furniture, for example — multiplies once she’s mobile. “Toddlers are still mastering the whole walking thing, and they lose their balance a lot,” says Debra Smiley Holtzman, author of The Safe Baby. Install wall-mounted baby gates at both the top and bottom of stairs, and cushion corners and edges of tables and fireplace hearths with padding to protect your child from banging her head on them if she topples over.”

Make sure to contact Henderson Security your Ottawa home security experts, in order to keep your home as safe as it can be.