Reasons To Upgrade Your Home Security System

We’re in an ever changing world; with the way technology is improving, and the way that we digest information and our overall thought processes have to adapt and follow suit. It’s easy to get nostalgic about the way things “used to be” in regards to cost and quality, but the reality is that we’re not living in those times anymore. This means that any approach (and mindsets) have to be forward thinking, in order to avoid current and potential future issues.

For home security this means that the standard approach of yesterday may not still be suitable to meet the needs of today. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your current home security system, or deciding to get one if you don’t already have one:

‘Real-time news

An older system would only alert you when an alarm was set off. Today’s systems can alert you to a range of events via your smartphone. For example, you can get an alert when your kids arrive home or when a trusted contractor opens your smart lock.You can also get notifications when something inside your home is accessed, such as a safe or a locked cabinet.

Upgraded protection

Older phone and cable-based security systems are easy to defeat because a burglar can cut the wires outside the home. The best modern systems use a wireless cellular connection to communicate. Even if your power is disabled or Wi-Fi signal goes out, your home security system keeps you safe and connected.

Other emergencies

Tied into modern security systems is the ability to detect other emergencies in your home, such as detecting smoke or a carbon monoxide leak. They are even capable of alerting you when a water pipe bursts, so you can take action to prevent costly water damage.’

The best place to start is to contact Henderson Security, your Ottawa home security professional. We’ll start with an assessment of your current system and it’s effectiveness and then determine the best system to meet the needs of you and your family moving forward.