Protection from Security Threats

Home security has come a long way in recent years. The use of advanced technology has made things much more secure on the one hand, however using technology always poses a particular and unique set of risks that unfortunately home security isn’t immune from. This just means that the system you get for your home/business needs to be very savvy.

“While your home security system might alert the fire department of a problem, it might also alert an actor (This is the term currently “in-vogue” for a cyber attacker who might utilize social-engineering combined with an acute technical prowess in order to pull off their nefarious deeds) that you’re not currently at home. There is simply no way around the fact that the iron-clad system of today is not safe to the ingenuity and computing power of tomorrow. (Don’t forget that when it comes to breaking encryption, brute forcing the key space yields a 100% success rate.).

It’s impossible to stay ahead of all potential security threats that exist, but the best way is to align yourself with a company that puts staying on the cutting edge of things as a top priority. For all of your home/business security needs contact Henderson Security, Ottawa’s security professional.