Medical & Personal Safety

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The safety of elderly family members and/or those with disabilities is a concern for many people. In the event of an emergency, our simple and portable medical emergency button device will keep them a click away from receiving immediate medical attention.

All medical information is on file with our professional monitoring station which allows us to provide emergency first responders with the necessary medical data before they arrive on scene after the button has been pressed, and can proceed with administering the appropriate medical attention based on the person’s particular needs. An additional signal can also be sent to a friend/family member to alert them of the existing emergency.

The emergency button device is flexible and can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or on a belt. Multiple devices can be connected to the same residence to protect multiple people.


Anything We Install Can Be Replaced for up to 3 Years

We’re confident enough to offer you the ultimate guarantee. If anything happens to your devices within three years, we’ll replace them at no extra charge.