Endpoint Security

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What is an Endpoint?

An endpoint is any device that is communicating and connected to your network. This includes mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones as well. Endpoints are often the best and most vulnerable entry points for hackers and cybercriminals. Hackers often use endpoints to execute malicious codes and exploit your cyber vulnerability.

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security should be a priority for your household and business environments. With hybrid work environment and work from home flexibility in place, it is now now more than ever important to keep all devices, especially your mobile phones secure as you move from network to network. Secure your endpoints now and protect yourself from sophisticated malware and zero-click threats.

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Proper Cybersecurity helps organisations to protect their endpoints, including: 

Everyone is Vulnerable

from these malicious risks and hacks. Think of your endpoint security as your first line of defence.

If your endpoint is vulnerable, your whole system is at risk. Todays’ cyber risks and threats are more modern and sophisticated than ever before.

Protect your business and household against data loss or malicious hacks and attacks now.


Unified Security and Management

Provide security and management for your business-critical devices, including mobile devices, fixed endpoints, and server environments.

Safeguard against key threat vectors

Mobile endpoint security enables flexible work environments and improves customer engagement while protecting against key threat vectors that target mobile endpoints.

Identify and close security gaps

Because endpoints are the edge of your business perimeter, security gaps that may have been overlooked can now be brought to light through better visibility.

Simplify management

Cybersecurity can help provide a virtually seamless deployment and ongoing management, allowing you to focus on your business instead of managing the devices.

Protect your reputation

Keep your organization out of the headlines knowing that the largest entry point for cyberattacks, endpoints, are highly secure.

Maintain control with Zero Trust

Built into our endpoint security offering is the core principal of zero trust to make sure that access to data is proper and authenticated, while maintaining control.

Products and Services


Endpoint protection, detection, response, and control for advanced forensic mapping and automated response.

Cylance Endpoint Protection

Helps organizations harness the power of highly secure mobility and improved device compliance.

Webroot Endpoint Protection

Provides high level, end-to-end mobile security across devices, apps, content, and users.