Optimizing Safety For Family That Requires Special Care

Optimizing safety is important and is something that we take pride in being able to do for our clients’ respective homes/businesses; tailoring the products/services to meet any specific needs.

Caring for loved ones is something that most view as a privilege rather than an obligation, however there are instances when it can be challenging, such as in the case of looking after those with special needs. Along with the love and patience that everyone deserves (and needs) here are a few safety tips worth considering:

Light switches at room entries: Sounds simple, but make sure every room of the house has a light switch adjacent to or near the entry. It is easy to lose your balance or trip over something when you are walking through a dark room to turn on the light.

Grab bars: Install grab bars in and around the tub. The bars enable people to climb into the tub or shower more easily.

Anti-skid strips on the stair treads: Grip strips, available at hardware or home improvement stores, can help prevent slips and falls. They also highlight the edge of the stair tread. (myria.com)

These safety tips are a great way to compliment the many different safety products and services that we offer at Henderson. Contact us to learn more about how we can help optimize the safety of your home.