The Multi-Generational Embrace of Home Automation

Life is busy; with work, school, parenthood and various other obligations and activities is can sometimes be challenging to maintain everything. Smartphones have been able to do a lot of good when it comes to scheduling and helping to keep everything in order and as we continue to move forward, technology will only help to simplify things more.

Home automation is becoming a more prevalent thing for people as it’s multi functional capabilities make managing and securing different areas of the home that much easier. It’s interesting to see the impact it’s currently having and where it can go in the future. “There was a time when smart home integration was for the young and tech savvy, but that should change in 2017. The Coldwell Banker study found that a larger number of seniors are beginning to embrace smart technology and are becoming more tech savvy as well, which opens up a whole new segment for companies offering smart home solutions.” (

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