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We are offering a free automated smart home system to any builder for every model home for 25 units they build. Build smarter homes, protect your assets, and innovate for the future. Register today.


Home Security Hub

The starting point of your smart home system. The 7” touch screen controls and connects your lights, locks thermostat, cameras, life safety, environmental and security devices. The system will also allow you to connect and control all devices through one easy to use App.

Smart Cameras

View live feed from anywhere and record clips on demand. Record video clips based on system events (door opening, motion detected, alarm triggered, etc)

Need a live feed of the sidewalk or driveway? Want to be able to check on the car remotely? If you see anything suspicious, remotely record and save clips from your smartphone.

Video Doorbell

View a live feed of your front porch and get notifications when the doorbell rings. Remotely speak through the doorbell speaker to your porch from your mobile app. See their faces, hear their voice, and reply back with a touch.

Record video clip when “motion” is detected – Get notified when a package is delivered-Pretend to be home even when you’re not!

When paired with a smart lock, unlock remotely from the mobile app.

Z-Wave Door Lock

With Code-based entry for all users, and grant or restrict access based on who they are, what time or day it is, etc…

Remotely lock/unlock doors from your mobile device

Text notifications. get text reminders if you leave and forget to lock the door or when you have a visitor.

Unlock the door automatically when your bluetooth disarms.

Never have to “change your locks” when someone loses a key

Create a guest codes for service workers, family, and/or friends.

Z-Wave Thermostat

Automatic adjustment based on location, sensor left open, and arming status. Smart schedules can help save up to 25% off energy bills each month!

Adjust settings automatically when you drive towards or away from home . Settings adjusts automatically when you leave a door or window open, when you arm your system.

Tune temperature to read in different rooms (*Requires remote temperature sensor)

Z-Wave Light Switches

Create rules like Auto on/off and schedule lights to turn on and off a specific time. Works as Z-Wave repeater. Save energy by automatically turn off lights when you leave

Turn lights on/off automatically when you arrive or leave home or during a certain time of day,

Control Remotely via the mobile app. Set lights automatically after Bluetooth disarm. when motion detected, or when a door opens.

Smart Speaker

Use your voice to initiate commands -Works with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

“Alexa, tell Alarm.com to lock my doors”
“Alexa, tell Alarm.com to arm my security system”
“Alexa, tell Alarm.com to turn on the kitchen light”
“Alexa, tell Alarm.com to turn off all the basement lights”

Beyond Model Homes

Ottawa’s largest and oldest independently owned Electronic Security Company. Along with being the largest security company, we are also the largest provider of SMART technology in the city of Ottawa.



“I have been with Mr Henderson for over 20 years and his company has always been nothing but good!! Service is always fast and friendly. They are also a huge supporter of The CHEO hospital which we visit on a regular basic due to having a child with some medical issues. I would highly recommend Henderson’s to anyone looking for local company with local monitoring!!!”




Recently hired Henderson Security to protect my home. Great, friendly, accommodating staff! Looking forward to a long term partnership.

Ajoy Bista