Kitchen Safety

October is known for a few things (such as Thanksgiving and Halloween), but it’s also known for fire prevention. Keeping your loved ones safe is important, especially when it comes to the one of the most trafficked and congregated places within the home…the kitchen.

Here are some important considerations to make when in the kitchen and dealing with different appliances:

‘What’s the most dangerous room in the home when it comes to fires? According to the Canada Safety Council, it’s the kitchen — and most kitchen fires can be prevented.

Deep frying leads to a lot of these home fires. Oil or grease can heat up very fast and catch fire. For those who enjoy fried food in the cold weather, this means taking a few simple precautions.

Above all, never, ever leave cooking unattended. It’s safest to fry food in a CSA certified electric deep fryer with a temperature control. If you must use a sauce pan or frying pan, heat the oil slowly. Always turn off the heat as soon as the cooking is done. Built-up grease can easily catch fire, so clean your burner pans and stove top regularly.

What if grease catches fire in the kitchen? You should have a fire extinguisher nearby for this type of emergency, in addition to a working smoke alarm.’ (source:

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