Keeping Your Home Safe While Away

It’s amazing how quickly the summer has gone by! If you’re planning to take a quick getaway with the family before school resumes, or are planning a trip for an upcoming holiday it’s important to ask yourself this question: is my home security system working the way it should be?

Granted this is a question you should have on your mind constantly (as the safety of your family and home should always be a priority), but even more so if you are planning to be away from said home for a little bit of time.

‘The summer holidays are often a popular time families to take their annual holiday whether that’s driving down to the coast or flying off to an exotic islands. With so many things to organise in preparation for your holiday, it’s easy to forget about your home security whilst you’re away – however it can be a very expensive item to forget.

A few tips to consider:

Home Security:

• Make sure you close and lock all of your windows and doors before you go leave the house.

• Consider using a timer to set your lights and radio to come on while you’re away.

• Don’t leave valuables including purses, handbags and car keys on display or near external doors.

• Consider security marking valuable items with your house number and postcode with a UV pen, or mark it using property marking kits which consist of a traceable liquid.

• Ensure that garages and sheds are locked with strong padlocks and, ideally, fitted with an alarm.’ (Barbara Jordan,

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