Investing In A Smarter Home

The idea of making a home safer and smarter is something we’ve touched on many times; mainly because of how passionate we are about it, but also because it’s in line with the destination that people and technology are evolving to.

The idea of investing in the devices necessary to take your home to a smarter level range in cost, which can make people skeptical or even hesitant to take the plunge in the first place. Here are some considerations to be mindful of when thinking of making the decision in the first place:

Security Equipment That Does More

All of the doors and windows in your home have locks that offer bare minimum protection. Security is purely based on the mechanical performance of the locks. If they give way, or worse are left unlocked, that’s where the protection ends. For people with a security system, an alarm may go off to alert the people inside. Smart home security offers another layer of protection because it doesn’t rely on mechanical performance alone. The equipment is Wi-Fi connected so that it can be monitored and controlled remotely with your phone, tablet or computer. Smart home security equipment can also send automatic alerts if a window is jarred or a door is opened.

Smart Security Means Fewer Limitations, More Flexibility

The technology behind smart home security equipment also gives homeowners more flexibility. Most smart home devices are based on wireless technology. They don’t have to be plugged in or physically connected to anything in order to operate. This is important for two reasons: first off, it decreases the risk of equipment being tampered with since there are no cords that can be cut. Second, wireless technology gives you the freedom to put equipment wherever you like. You don’t have to configure your security system around outlets. (David Ponce,

It’s important to view upgrading to a smarter home security system as an investment in the safety of your family. Read about our Nexgen smart home product and contact us to learn more!