The Importance of a Security System Check-up

Maintaining any system requires regularly checking it to ensure things are working and running the way they should be. As people, we tend to focus on maintaining our cars, teeth and overall health (as we should), but don’t usually put forth the same attention when it comes to our homes.

When was the last time you changed your smoke alarm battery (or entire smoke alarm for that matter?). In order to ensure that your home is as safe as it should be to protect you and your family it’s important to get it thoroughly inspected by an Ottawa home security professional.
At Henderson we’re able to provide your home with a expert quality security inspection that includes such things as:

– Inspection & testing of; environmental & life safety devices such as furnace failure, CO detectors, flood detectors, smoke detectors, sump pump detectors, etc
– Cleaning & testing of residential camera systems
– Professional advice from a trained technician on potential problems & outdated equipment

For more information on how you can take get an inspection done this holiday season at 50% off the regular price, contact us today!