Home Security for Every Home

You may have asked yourself at times, is a home security system for me? Do I fit the mold? Can I afford one? Do I have any real need for one? We’re here to tell you that home security extends far beyond an alarm system and surveillance cameras in high-crime neighbourhoods. Home security is for anybody with a home.

If you’re like us, your main priority is your family’s safety and security. Whether you are a family of parents with children, professionals, pet owners or world travelers, we believe that your home and family will benefit from a home security system. Whatever your lifestyle choice or family dynamic, having a peace of mind is key!

Home Security for Parents & Families

Home security systems were made for families like yours. Investing in a security system is also an investment in the Henderson Security family; you gain more family members to keep an eye on your home to ensure your safety. With a smart home security system, like our NEXGEN Smart Home Automation, you can see who comes and goes from your home and ensure your doors are locked anytime, all from your smartphone. You will never have to wonder when your kids get home from school again!

Home Security for Travellers

If your family is a family of travellers, you can see the world with peace of mind. As we discussed in this blog post, homes that appear empty from the outside are burglars’ typical targets. While your family is out of town, our experts can optimize your home security system to make sure it looks lived in. As a result, the likelihood of a break-in or property damage decreases significantly.

Home Security for Professionals

Do you work long hours? Are you away from your home a little more than you would like? You can trust our 24/7 home monitoring team to keep an eye on your home while you work long hours.

Home Security for Pet Owners

Have you ever wanted to see what your pet does all day while you’re at work? The time is now! From your smartphone, see what your furry friend is up to all day via indoor surveillance cameras. Our home sensors are specially designed so that your pets do not set off false alarms when they move around your home.

Home Security for Seniors

Additionally, our specialty home security systems help seniors maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer. Our systems have integrated medical and personal safety systems, so elderly or disabled family members can alert other family members if there is an emergency. A simple click of their portable emergency device will keep them minutes away from receiving immediate medical attention.

Our NEXGEN Smart Home Automation System keeps you connected to your family and your home from anywhere in the world. Whenever necessary, you can check in and receive peace of mind that what matters most to you is safe. For more information on any of our security systems, contact our team today. We would love for you to join the family!