Home Security for Renters

When you own something, the idea of protecting it seems to be an immediate second thought. However, if you are renting a vehicle for the weekend for instance, the idea of protecting this vehicle as if it were your own doesn’t really come to mind as your responsibility over it is short term.

Renting an apartment/house is the same in theory, but since the length of time can vary (some people may choose to only rent as their sole means of living for the entirety of their life) effective protection becomes a priority, albeit one that may have different restrictions since ownership technically belongs to someone else. Here are some great tips to help keep you safe in your rental:

Get to Know Your Neighbors (and Your Landlord)

You don’t have to become besties with your neighbors, but it helps to at least get to know them. This way, should either of you encounter any security or safety concerns, you can coordinate. Similarly, it helps to keep the lines of communication open with your landlord. If you notice anything suspicious, let them know. And if you have any concerns, it should go without saying that it helps to voice them. Or better yet, send them an email and get your concerns in writing. It also helps to know what your landlord is responsible for when it comes to keeping your apartment safe. City housing codes regulate your apartment’s “livability,” and this includes certain security measures.

Pay for Renter’s Insurance

If you don’t already have renter’s insurance, look into it. Compared to other types of insurance, it’s a great value. Most of them not only cover home burglaries, but also water damage, vandalism, and fire damage. What’s more, many renter’s insurance policies also cover theft if your car is broken into, as long as the car was parked at the rental property.

Beef Up Your Doors and Windows

Most thieves break in from the front door first, then the windows, and then the back door. These are the most common entrance points, so you want to make sure you beef up security in these areas. (Kristin Wong, lifehacker.com)”

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