Home Security & IOT Integration

IoT (Internet of Things) is everywhere; chances are you’re reading this blog from some type of mobile device meaning you aren’t tethered anywhere, which further proves the point. Embracing the advances of the digital world is important, as it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

When it comes to home security mobile digital technology has been greatly impacted by smart home technology (learn more about our NEXGEN system here) which can be remotely controlled through internet connected mobile devices.

The following are some of the main aspects related to IoT and home security and how they are beneficial for your home:

  1. RFID which can identify and track the data of things. For example; your opening/shutting doors.
  2. Sensors which helps to collect and process the data to detect the changes in the physical status of things or the human beings living in the house.
  3. Smart Tech is there to enhance the power of the network by devolving processing capabilities to different part of the network.
  4. The technology called ‘Nano tech’ makes the smaller things capable enough to connect and interact, like a simple packet of biscuit or bread or cheese.
  • You can get improved performance because of the fast technological aspects.
  • Crime, or the chances of theft reduces because of the quick alarm systems and inter connectivity notifications.
  • Your smartphone can be used as your ‘Sensing Assistant,’ and you can get everything on your device, whether you need groceries or your cat is creating mess in your house, you will get the notification. (Shailee Sheth, iamwire.com)

At Henderson Security your Ottawa home/business security specialist, we can help make sure that your space is as safe as possible. Contact us to learn more about our various technologically advanced safety products.