Home Security & Community Safety

The importance of a quality security system to protect the home is something we are always promoting, not only because we feel we offer quality products and service, but our goal is to help make the world safer one home at a time.

Ensuring that communities of homes and businesses are properly protected is what helps them to grow and thrive. When they aren’t guarded, anything can happen. ‘Not long ago, robberies and home break-ins were thought by some to only occur in urban centres like St. John’s.  Now in recent years, crime has become an increasing concern in rural areas of the island. River of Ponds residents Daisy and Francis Mahar have had a rough history with break-ins and stolen property. Daisy Mahar says these crimes are particularly tough in a small region like River of Ponds, where the close-knit nature of the community can cause rumours and broken trust.’ (Kyle Greenham, northernpen.ca)

The more proactive you are about taking the necessary steps to help keep your home, business and overall community safer, the more peace of mind you’ll have. Contact us to learn more about our products and services!

Their home and shop have been broken into and vandalised, with thefts of guns, fishing gear, and equipment for their campground.