Home Security and Pets – Can I have both?


I want to get a home security system but I have pets. Will they set off the alarm when I leave the house?


A common concern amongst home owners is that they cannot install an efficient security system if they have pets in the home. There is worry that their furry friends will accidentally trigger the home alarm, causing unnecessary concern and fear. But fear not! You can now sleep soundly knowing that your loved ones (furry or otherwise) and your home is safe, as there are pet-friendly solutions to home security.

Thanks to advancements in motion sensor technology, we are now able to distinguish between animal movements and human movements. Based on characteristics such as size, weight, and speed, pet-friendly sensors can eliminate the possibility of a pet-triggered false alarm. These sophisticated sensors are the result of studying hundreds of hours of footage of both animal and human movements, to create advanced algorithms that are able to distinguish between the two.

Still not convinced? Not to worry – You can also keep an eye on your pets while you’re away with your cell phone! With home security cameras that are linked to a smartphone, you can remotely watch live footage of the secret life of your pets. Keep your pets out of trouble and keep a close eye on your house with our advanced security systems. Learn more here


You and your pets can sleep soundly with Henderson Home Security.


It is important to speak to a home security specialist to learn more about the best fit for your home and where to place pet-friendly sensors in order to eliminate interference and any possibility of triggering false alarms. Be sure to mention what type of pet you have in the home, including its weight and size.