Home Safety Checklist


Now that autumn is in full swing and temperatures have started to dip it’s important to shift your mindset more toward additional comfort and safety. When it comes to the home, establishing and maintaining a home safety checklist is ideal.

The following are some elements that should be a part of your home’s safety checklist:

• Outdoor steps should have sturdy, easily graspable handrails

• All stairs and steps should be flat and even, and clutter should be removed.

• Make sure the driveway and any paved walkways are smooth and stable. Seal any cracks before more damage is created. Crumbling or uneven concrete surfaces should be repaired.

• Porch and deck flooring should be flat, even and nonslip. Any loose or broken floorboards should be nailed down or replaced. (source: pressherald.com)

Ensuring that your family is as safe and comfortable as possible at all times is important. Developing a checklist that focuses on the particular aspects of your given home is key, but beyond that having the right home security system in place can provide additional peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our home safety products.