Home Fire Safety & Prevention

An important part of home safety is ensuring that every member of the household is educated about fire safety and prevention; security systems and alarms are great at alerting a potential issue, but knowing the best ways to prevent them in the first place is crucial.

The following are some great tips to help keep your family safe:

Fire Safety Tips for Kids & Families

  • Teach children that if a doorknob is hot, you should NOT open the door.
  • Teach children how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”
  • Teach your kids to crawl on their hands and knees if they see smoke.
  • Take your child to the fire house to meet a firefighter. This way, they learn what a firefighter looks like in their fire gear.
  • Teach your child to never hide under the bed or in the closet.

Preventing Home Fires

  • Never leave food cooking unattended, especially deep fryers and other frying equipment.
  • Avoid using portable and fixed space heaters, as heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fire deaths.
  • Have a fire plan that gets you out of your home in less than two minutes and practice it.
  • Avoid smoking in the house.

Electrical Safety

Electrical malfunctions are one of the leading causes of home fires. Make sure that you hire a qualified electrician to make any changes in your home. In addition, be sure to check electrical cords regularly, and make sure cords do not run across doorways or under carpets where they could be damaged.

Remember to limit the number of plugs you have in an electrical outlet or power strip. Overloading an electrical outlet can not only trip a breaker, but it could also start a fire.

Additionally, only use light bulbs that match the recommended wattage for each lamp. Your lamps and light fixtures should have a sticker that indicates the maximum wattage light bulb you may use.’ (source: safety.com)

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