How Home Alarm Motion Sensors Work

Having a home security system is important in order to protect your home and the ones you love. When it comes to the type of security you want based on specific needs there are many options to choose from. Cameras, sensors, alarms, and motion detection are just a few different options, but how do they work?

Motion detection is probably one of the most important features when it comes to home security, as you can have an alert sent to you as soon as there is unusual activity picked up. “When it detects motion it sends a signal to the control panel to sound the alarm, send out a notification to those monitoring the system or take any another action that has been programmed – such as turn the lights on or start a camera recording. The system can be set to do this immediately or a delay can be added in to allow time for a pass code to be entered in to disarm the system to avoid false alarms being caused by people that are permitted in the home. In home security systems the sensors are primarily used to cover important internal rooms and spaces after an intruder has entered the premises. Normally as minimum you’d cover at least 2 important ground floor rooms and the access way to your bedrooms.”

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