How Far Home Security Has Come

To truly know where you are (and to set the most steady course for the future) it’s important to understand where you’ve been; history can do one of two things: teach us what not (or what to) do. Home security has evolved a lot over time and continues to grow as technology constantly moves forward, but some still long for a simpler time.

Remember when people were able to leave their doors unlocked all the time because of a more heightened level of trust (and an awareness of who was in the area)? Levels of crime in this city and throughout the country will always fluctuate, but the idea of being able to leave your home unprotected is definitely an antiquated notion.

So, when did the idea of heightened home security actually commence? ‘Augustus R. Pope is credited with creating the first security alarm, utilizing electro-magnets. Pope patented his home burglar alarm concept in 1853. Due to failing health he later sold the patent to Holmes, who is credited with commercializing and distributing the system in New York City, making it available to the wealthiest residences and businesses. Pope’s simple, but innovative design changed the way that people approached property security. The system involved magnetic contacts which were installed on any point of entry from the exterior. If doors and windows were opened once the system was set, an alarm would sound inside the house. This rudimentary design was limited by today’s standards because it was unable to contact police, like modern technology, but it was effective at preventing break-ins and loss of property nonetheless.’ (source:

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