Facts About Home Safety


In order to make your home the safest place it can be to protect your family and possessions it’s important to keep yourself updated. Contacting your Ottawa home security professional and getting your house outfitted with the latest and greatest security system is a great start, but even before that you should educate yourself on some safety facts that you may not even know about.

Here are some interesting home safety statistics worth taking into consideration:

‘The greatest percentage of burglaries happen during the summer months

People travel more often in the summer. And, as noted above, those doors and windows left open for ventilation also provide easy access for people with bad intentions. If you like to leave windows open for fresh air, be sure to close and lock them before you leave.

Renters are just as likely as home owners to be the victims of burglaries

Renters are less likely to have home security systems, which leaves them vulnerable. Also, people who live in apartments often have complex personnel on-site who have easy access to their homes. If you rent, keep valuables hidden away to reduce your risk of being robbed.

Two-thirds of burglaries occur during the day

There are a lot of advantages to daytime break-ins. People can usually be depended on to be out of the house for hours at a time, so thieves can take their time. They can use natural light, or turn on electric lights without raising suspicion. And, people don’t find it unusual to see activity in a neighbours’ house during the day.

Only 13% of burglaries are ever solved

Most burglars are not career criminals; they commit a few robberies and then move on. Because of this and other factors, burglaries are rarely ever solved and most victims never get back their personal possessions.’

The best solution is to use preventative measures to prevent burglaries from occurring in the first place. Contact Henderson Security your Ottawa home security experts, to keep your family as safe as possible.